dvd versus mp4 thinking

MP4 is the most common type of digital video file. It can be played back on most devices such as your computer, TV, phone or tablet. Windows, Apple and Android devices all playback mp4 files. An mp4 file works like any other file and can be copied and pasted from one storage device to another. It’s the JPEG of videos. With mp4 your options are plenty. For example you can edit the video, you can post on YouTube, you can easily make unlimited copies too.


When we convert your tapes to an mp4 file we either place them on a USB drive, external hard drive or email them to you via a cloud service like Dropbox or OneDrive.


DVDs are only playable on devices that play DVDs such as a DVD player. DVDs cannot be edited or electronically shared. It’s similar to a VHS tape. DVD replaced VHS which replaced Betamax and now digital files are replacing DVDs.


Have video tapes or DVDs and want to convert to mp4? We can help! We’ve been helping our community of Glendale, Burbank, Pasadena and even across the states to transfer their videos to DVDs or digital files!