frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

How much is it if I have just 1 tape?

1 – 3 tapes will be $60 (to meet the $60 minimum order size). Of your choosing you’ll receive either a DVD per tape or a digital file per tape.  

Do I need an appointment to drop off?

Yes and no. We sometimes aren’t in the studio during office hours so it’s important to call before coming. If you do get an appointment we’ll be certain someone will be at the location to assist you.

How do you label the DVDs or digital files?

Each tape gets a sticker with a number on it. The paper sleeves on the DVDs will be numbered the same way matching the numbers on the tapes. The digital files will be titled with numbers matching the numbers on the tapes. It’s simpler than it sounds.

How does the cloud option work?

Digital files gets uploaded to our Microsoft’s OneDrive cloud account then we email you a temporary download link to that account. You click the link in your email and all your video files will show up. Click on them and download. No account needed.

I have a tape it’s damaged can you still transfer it?

Most likely yes but it depends on the damage. This is a case by case basis. Most of the time we need to repair the tape then transfer. Repairs are $15 per tape.

Can I bring a USB or external drive that already has my stuff on it?

You can but for security reasons it’s not recommended. We advise you to buy at least 2 USB drives (or hard drives). One for your primary use of videos and the other as a backup copy.  We also have USB drives for sale. If you do buy a USB drive it’s best to purchase a reputable brand such as PNY, Kingston or a SanDisk. 

Which is a better option to transfer to: DVD or digital file?

Digital file. DVDs just like VCRs will soon be obsolete. But don’t worry you can still watch your videos on a TV from a USB drive. If you have a modern TV simply insert the USB drive with your converted digital videos onto the USB slot on the TV. Change TV source/input to USB and all your videos will show up and be playable. 

Can I edit the DVD?

No, DVDs are not editable, they are only playable. The only way to edit the videos on the DVD is to convert the videos from the DVDs to a video file like an mp4 then edit. It’s another reason why converting your tapes to a digital file is better. If you have DVDs you’d like to convert to digital files we offer such service.

How long will my order take?

It depends on how many tapes you have, how long they are, the type of tapes and your desired conversion output. It could take just an hour or a few weeks. Most orders are completed in a few days.

How does the quality come out?

The video on a DVD or the digital file will look almost identical to it’s original tape. Technology and cameras used to capture the original footage was never HD to begin with so therefore the converted videos won’t be HD. Unless you have HD MiniDV tapes then they’ll be either 720 or 1080p otherwise most tapes are 480p with 4:3 aspect ratio.

How should I store the digital files?

Store them on and onto in multiple services, devices and locations incase you lost them. Ex: if you had your tapes converted to digital files onto a USB then just get a few more of that USB and make copies of it (copy paste the files). And/or upload it to your cloud account such as Google Drive, OneDrive, iCloud, Dropbox, etc.