video tape conversion service
Video tape conversion service
$20 per tape

3 tape or $60 minimum

We convert video tapes onto DVDs, onto a USB or the cloud.

(+$5 per tape for all options)

No additional fees for PAL tapes.

Accepted tapes
vcr tape a vhs


vhs-c tape


(compact VHS)

hi8, digital8, 8mm tape




minidv tape



Option 1
Transfer Video Tape to DVD
  • Any accepted video tape onto a DVD.
  • DVDs are playable on any DVD players.
  • Each tape gets its own DVD. 1 DVD per tape. $5/each for additional DVD copies.

Pros: Most people know how to play DVDs.

Cons: Unable to edit video. Unable to digitally share. DVDs can physically get damaged. Limited space capacity without video compression. Outdated technology which soon will be obsolete.

Option 2 (recommended)
Transfer Video Tape to Digital File
  • Any accepted video tape to a digital file.
  • Digital files are in mp4 format: the most common video file today.
  • Playable on most devices such as smart phones, TVs, computers.
  • Each tape gets its own mp4 file.
  • Digital files can be placed on a USB or a downloadable cloud link.

Currently, the best way to preserve video tapes.

Pros: Modern. Ability to edit video. Easily share. Use files to make own DVDs. Make unlimited copies. Playback on more devices. Not prone to physical damage.  

Cons: Relatively new that many people aren’t familiar with.

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