Terms and Conditions


We will use “you” as the customer, the person, group, associate, sending, dropping off or bringing an order. An order can be any type of tape for transfer, digitize or any sort of work that is requested of us.

“Us” and “we” are the company you are hiring, “Quickdigitals” “Quick VHS to DVD” and any representatives.

By using our service you automatically agree to the terms stated on the Privacy Policy section, which is located on the footer of this website (down below). 


By using our service you also automatically agree to the following: 

1) Quick Digitals is not responsible for completed orders not picked up after 60 days or pays holding fee (see item 3) What this means is if your order is completed and we are waiting for you to either pick up, contact us, pay us, or any sort of action that is required on your part for your order, after a 60 day wait period your order may be disposed of. The 60 day period starts after we complete your order and attempt to contact you/the customer. Attempt contact does not mean established contact. We will simply attempt contact, as establishing contact is also based on whether the customer will answer the phone, a text message or reply to an email. We will attempt to contact you at the minimum of 5 times via different methods. If we are unable to establish communication after the 1st attempt, the 60 day pick up period will begin. If for any reason you cannot pick up the tapes within 60 days just let us know and we can hold onto them for longer.

2) If your order contains tapes, or DVDs that are damaged upon our inspection after a drop off of your order, it is your responsibility. We aren’t responsible for previously damaged material. If material is damaged to a degree that is unable to be transferred, we will attempt to contact you to discuss further options.

3) Orders not picked up after 30 days will be charged a $20 a day holding fee.

4) Any spamming, harassment, or unprofessional conduct may get your order to be refused of service, reported to proper authorities, or can take longer to complete. 

By using our service you automatically agree to these terms.