First thing’s first: We do not watch your tapes. We simply keep an eye on it. There can be minutes or even hours that we don’t even see from your tape at all. However we do double check to make sure the transfer was complete.


None of your personal information we collect during the order drop off or shipment is used for any sort of marketing. We don’t send out marketing materials whatsoever.


Personal information requested during physical drop off includes: name and phone number. You will also sign a drop off sheet. 


Personal information requested if you are shipping the tapes instead: name, phone number, return address and email address.


There have been times were we transferred tapes for customers but they ended up losing their DVD copies or their USBs or accidentally deleted the files. So for your safety, digital copies of every tape we transfer is stored on our equipment temporary as a “just in case” backup. It may be saved for a day or may be saved for several months, depending on when the system deletes old data. Just in case you lose your precious video files, we have it backed up and you can get those back up files at no extra charge. If you don’t want any of your videos backed up then please say so and your back up will be deleted or won’t be saved at all.  


Any other privacy information such as those regarding session cookies are all within the terms of your browser and our hosting company, Bluehost. Please see their terms.